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This is the first post in our GrandView Solutions Blog.  The purpose of this blog will be to bring some great information to our clients and our friends to help their businesses grow.

Usually, we will be talking about things such as marketing, finances, and operations efficiency that small/mid-sized business owners could do to improve their business operations on their own (or with their trusted advisor) 😉 Implementation is a key term that many consultants, advisors, or similar do not know.  We will focus on items that could be realistically implemented!

Also, we will likely be posting some about the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale Industry.  While this may seem a little off topic, it is not.  For those of you in Western PA, Southern NY and Eastern OH, you should know how the Marcellus Shale industry has changed your business.  So we want to provide some information to help you manage the grow or capitalize on it.  If you are not seeing a benefit from this industry (and think that you should be), we would love to help you.   OR if your business is growing rapidly and you need help managing this growth properly, we would love to help you.  OR if you are a new start-up in the industry, we would love to help you.  Sorry for the sales pitch.

This is actually our second Blog.  The first one is our Game Glide blog.  Check it out at  We have some really great news to announce about the Game Glide soon!

I will really try to keep the posts short and sweet… I know that your time is very valuable, so I definitely will try not to be too wordy.  BUT, from time to time my engineer background may come through and I may give too much info.  Be sure to call me on it.

Also, don’t forget that our blog is primarily an expression of our opinions.


-Jason Proch and the GVS Team

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